If I Had Only One Hour to Live

_dv17490a.jpgIf you haven’t read Richard and Kristine Carlson’s book entitled, “If You Had an Hour to Live,” I highly encourage you do so. This is an inspiring book that will create an urgency with you to make some needed changes in your life. It’s not just a feel good book, it is a good book about feeling life in a new way. It causes you to give pause and to rethink why you are doing what you are doing. For me, it served as a simple reminder that life is but a vapor and we must live our lives on purpose every day.


The Road to Recovery

Just a quick update to let you know how the Lord is orchestrating our miraculous road to recovery!!!!

Img_8881.jpgI am doing better day by day. I am up and going and engaged; however, I'm definitely operating at a slower pace, and by the end of the day my abdominal pain starts ramping up. I still have restrictions on what I can lift and I'm not cleared to drive yet, so that limits my greatly in terms of doing my "normal" things. Fortunately, I've been able to work around all of this with the help of many.

Post-surgery Update

Img_8361.jpgSorry for the belated update, but things have been a bit busy the last week. The transplant surgery was a success and Shafer and I have gotten off to a good start for the long recovery ahead. I was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon, June 28, and now sharing time caring for Shafer in his room and spending time at the rental house with the other children.


A Mother's Day to Remember

Img_6823_Cropped.jpgWhat a blessing this Mother’s Day was for me. I was able to enjoy worshiping and praising God with my entire family. Yes, even Baby Shafer made a surprise visit to hear our journey of hope and healing at North Pointe Community Church in Nashville, TN. It was an honor and divine privilege to speak from the depths of my heart about the challenging road we have been on the last eighteen months.

Spring Fun Has Begun

SDC11836.JPGI hope you have been enjoying the beautiful spring weather as much as Shafer has. His favorite new “ride” is his sisters Barbie jeep. He wakes up wanting to go outside as he loves the outdoors.

Another favorite ride is his new Radio Flyer wagon that his Nana and Papa bought him after falling in love with it at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. They surprised him as he returned from his surgery a couple of weeks ago. Now, all of this makes me have visions of future rides such as motorcycles, go-carts, 4-wheelers, skateboards, and ultimately a car! Can time really move that fast?

Shafer is doing good right now. He had his 2nd post-op visit with the surgeon on Tuesday (4/12/11) at Vanderbilt. The follow-up tests showed that the surgery was successful and the doctor was extremely pleased.

"Peace" Through the Journey

Shafer & MommyAfter months of resisting to blog, here is my first official entry!

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